In Vietnam, AQL is known as Professional Teambuilding Company, with its high quality Array of Teambuilding Services such as: Teambuilding Activities, Teambuilding Training, Teambuilding Workshop, Teambuilding Conferences Teambuilding Meetings, Teambuilding Events, Teambuilding Games, Ideas ...

AQL was established in 2002, works in the field of human resource consulting and is built and consolidated by young and dynamic talents as well as professional experts in the field of consultancy, human resources and education and from the global corporations , knowledgeable market in Vietnam.

Over 19 years of development, AQL has experienced the ups and downs of the global economy. But with the right strategy of "centralization" to specialize, AQL leads the Teambuilding market, with a growth rate of 30% and maintain the AQL Teambuilding brand is a leading provider of high quality services in Vietnam.

... The N01 Teambuilding Company ...


Become a leading supplier in Southeast Asia and develop the best teambuilding solutions to help our clients in effectively organizing their business teams.


We not only provide teambuilding but also live the principles of an effective team.

We always innovate to win with clients, and build a stable relationship between the company and partners, employees and the community. We live these values:

  • A.Accountability: responsibility for the benefits of business to community, customers and employees.
  • Q.Quality: Our people and service quality to decide our success.
  • L.Leading: Leadership and excellent skills of each member in a team help us maintain our leading position.
AQL - The Teambuilding Company

What we do:

  • Teambuilding Activity.
  • Leadership Development.
  • Teambuilding Workshops.
  • Business games.
  • Conference Executive.
  • Event & Travel Planning.
  • How we do:

    • 1We are sitting with the customer to analyze the goals and needs.
    • 2Discuss the structure of the organization, the department that needs teambuilding / training and the expected budget.
    • 3Based on organizational status and requirements, we research the program and the best suited training environment.
    • 4We design and recommend the program to get customer feedback.
    • 5Based on customer feedback, we will adjust the program to meet all goals.
    • 6After the customer accepts, AQL will arrange the man power , detailed script design, safety assessment.
    • 7Development and training project for the entire project team, with the input of experts, testing the game on site.

    The business policy of the company is always associated with the community, with many practical programs such as student counseling program, student newspaper donation program, Green Summer Campaign. Children's Unfortunate Companion Program, Program for the Poor, Teamwork Challenge ... 

    Since its inception, AQL has sponsored and organized many career counseling and job placement activities for more than 2,000 students, donated 10,000 Saigon Times Weekly, Saigon Times Daily, for many university libraries in Ho Chi Minh City

    Our professional facilitators are experienced and well-trained in the skills of coaching, teamwork game, problem solving and professional event management.

    The main facilitators typically have more than 10 years of experience in Teambuilding projects, curriculum leadership, training skills and key learning, and excellence in motivating attendees.

    Our team is full of enthusiasm, always working with high responsibility, live and work and enjoy the benefits of the project together. With our aspirations become a leading supplier in teambuilding, our people mix with experience and youth’s creativity and excellent management skills to create a talent team that is ready to conquer any challenge and make a difference in any projects.

    "Ta đã đến, ta đã đánh, ta đã thắng!” (meaning: we have come, we have beaten, we have won) is the slogan every time we execution teambuilding events, commitment to every customer on the project that must be successful!