Flat Out Formula 1

Flat Out Formula 1 is an enliven team building task that challenges all of team members to build and race their own Formula 1 Cars.


  • 2 3 hours

  • Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor

  • Attractive Competition

  • Minimum: 20 people

  • Maximum: Unlimited


  • Fun & Motivation

  • Effective collaboration

  • Leadership training

  • Risk Forecast

  • Team Dynamics and Innovations

  • Solving problems

Program Outline

Flat Out Formula One helps members become an excellent racing team through the challenges of overcoming the ordeal of getting the full range of materials to complete the designing of racing car. Each members is an important link to help the team become a champion!

The program develops creativity, teamwork and strong motivation for the participants with exciting competitions such as cheer leader, outstanding racer ...

Flat out Formula One is ideal for organizing strategic deployments in large, indoor or outdoor meetings or conferences, on a large scale with 1000 people.


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