The Power of One

The Power of One, developed as "Army Day"! 

Only the team spirit, the difficult sharing and determination together to conquer the marching challenge in the mountains, caves, crossing rivers, camps, etc., help the team survive ... "Discipline is the strength of the army" to feel the team spirit of each employee when eating together, stay together 


Overview :

- Minimum: 100 people

- Maximum: 500 people

3 days training specially in the wild 


- Help employees change their perceptions "ready to change", "ready to accept any challenge"

 - Living together, you will recognize your abilities and teammates!



- Develop discipline

- Create motivation & victory faith

- Conquer all challenges to achieve common goals

Why "The Power of One":

In the difficult economic situation, every company must always change its business strategy, each employee is ready to adapt to changes in financial resources, personnel, working environment. How do we achieve our goal of conquering the market, developing clients sources? Only when the whole team - the whole company of the same cognizant need for change, cooperate to create an indefinite power for our existence!


Program outlines:

- Option 1: 2 days 1 night - sleeping tent

5km marching - Assemble and rowing - Swing – Sleeping tent

 - Option 2: 3 days 2 nights - sleep in tents and motels

Day 1: 10km marching - Climbing - Camping - Sleeping tent

Day 2: Escaping - Kayaking - Battleship - Sleeping cabin


Ideal venues:

1) Forest of Madagui - Lam Dong

2) Nam Cat Tien Forest - Dong Nai Province

3) Cu Lan Village – Dalat



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