Together We Win

The Together We Win experience gives members the opportunity to relax after stressful working days. The program is developed based on Vietnam’s Western waterways, with fun games, close to traditional folk, each challenge is tied to the message of how to compete and connect into an effective team.

 Together We Win creates a fierce competition among teams, reminding each of us of the difficult and arduous tasks ahead. If we all have the spirit of victory, we will win! Each individual, each team should work hard to conquer the long track, and all teamed up to reach the fastest goal ...

 With a period time of 6 hours Teambuilding in the resort of Lan Vuong - Ben Tre, where the space of the river always leaving feelings for each city's residents to relax. Your team needs a real "Teamwork" challenge for the new year. Let us AQL - The Teambuilding Company connect teammates!


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