Drum Teambuilding

The best conference engagement activity.


- Half day

- Indoor

- Minimum: 15

- Maximum: 150


- Interactive

- Collaborative

- Builds energy

- Identify personality traits

- Mass audience engagement

- Get workers to work more efficiently together.

- Develop communicating better.

- Break down barriers between Staffs

- Close the gap between top management and workers

- Motivate staff / partners to perform better


- Building relationships

- Improving communication & problem-solving skills

- Improving teamwork spirit

- Developing Leadership skills

- Fun & Relaxing

Program Outline:

Drumming experience allows members to remove cultural gaps, overcome national borders. With the help of our team of coaches, each of you can complete your compositions in an effective way. The interaction of the program makes the participants connect the relationship, improve communication skills and coordination to become a drum and professional percussion band.


The Drum-up program is guaranteed to build teams’ power and company’s united. This unifying experience creates the perfect platform for teams to experience the power of all working together to achieve a common goal, and to align to mission or vision.


The program is suitable for Regional Conferences or Workshops such as Motivation Speaking, Leadership Challenges, Change management. Depending on the target and the specific theme, AQL Teambuilding will design the program accordingly and give the participants a completely new and exciting experience!

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