The Q & S Trek Teambuilding program is based on the core values of the company and the process of products requiring safety and quality. Team members will work through each team challenge, with real safety situations to get points in a period of time, then they will jointly perform the final challenge to make an important mark, jointly committed to implementing the goals, strategies and quality standards adopted by the company.


- Build a sense of QUALITY & SAFETY

- Develop collaborative skills

- Help all members ready to face new challenges.

- Commitment to realizing core values ​​of the company

- Fun and relaxing to motivate all employees

- Create a company pride


- Lessons for safety to achieve the best quality

- Teamwork culture lesson to create a professional working system

- The lesson follows the company's strategy, goals and core values ​​to become the leader

- Pride lesson "we are the best team"

- The lesson "Tough Times Don’t Last, Tough Teams Do"

Program outline:

08:00 - Warm up "Tae Bo" dance & lead "Q & S Trek"

09:00 - Challenge 1: "Think safety"

10:00 - Challenge 2: "Think quality"

11:00 - Challenge 3: "Think core values"

12:00 - Lunch

13:00 - Challenge 4: "We are the best"

14:00 - key learning

14:30 - Wrap up & Rewards

15:00 - Leisure activities

16:00 - End of program


- Duration: 1 day

- Participants: 200 - 1500 people

- Group size: 25 - 30 people per team 

Ideal venue:

- The BCR District 9, Ho Chi Minh City

- Stadium


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