Win the race

The Win the Race Teambuilding program based on the IRON MAN version, is a combined subjects team-mates race, in which the "Race" compete for three subjects as joggers, swimming and cycling in the long haul. The staff will in turn overcome the challenge on the track to complete the special task ... The winning team is the team to evaluate and promote the strength of each member, and have the perfect execution strategy!



 - Help members understand the business situation of the company.

 - Share difficulties and responsibilities between departments.

 - Promoting strengths of each individual.

 - Cooperate and commit to achieve the company's goal.



- Time: 5 hours to 10 hours

- Minimum: 20 people

- Maximum: 150 people


Ideal Venues:

 - Center of District 7 - Ho Chi Minh City

 - Center of Tay Ho district - Hanoi

 - Tri An Lake - Dong Nai Province

 - Nha Trang

 - Danang


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